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Introducing Cairo + Belle Eau De Parfum, a fragrance that captures the essence of poetic landscapes and ethereal beauty. Inspired by the mystical allure of the desert, it weaves together a tapestry of captivating notes that evoke the soulful spirit of exploration.

At its core lies a woody composition, reminiscent of the vast expanse of the Mojave Desert. Like a whisper carried on the desert wind, top notes of musky Ambrette and fresh Jamaican Nesberry dance gracefully, while powdery Violet unfurls to reveal the grounding presence of Sandalwood. As the fragrance evolves, warm Chantilly Musk envelops the senses, mingling with crisp Amber and Cedarwood to leave a lingering imprint of raw, untamed beauty on the skin.

Drawing inspiration from the invigorating freshness of springtime, Cairo + Belle Eau De Parfum is a symphony of complexity and allure. With over 150 meticulously selected ingredients, it opens with sparkling notes of Apple Blossom and Marine Bergamot, evoking the essence of an English garden in full bloom. Zesty green rhubarb adds a crisp, bittersweet facet, harmonized with refreshing mint and sugar accord. A sophisticated base of velvety sandalwood and aromatic driftwood lends depth and warmth, creating a fresh, energizing scent that lingers softly on the skin.

Embrace the allure of Cairo + Belle Eau De Parfum—a fragrance that transports you to a realm of boundless beauty and endless possibility. With its intoxicating floral buzz and acrobatic blend of bergamot, petit grain, grapefruit, amber, musk, and vetiver, it leaves an unforgettable impression that is as potent as it is irresistible. Dare to indulge in the journey, and let the fragrance guide you to new horizons of self-discovery and adventure.