After a burn accident in 2016, the founder found herself in her home in Edgewater, NJ for weeks on end with doctors orders to stay out of direct sunlight. With nerve damage to her legs, learning to walk normal again and scars over 60% of her body she didn't know how to go back to living her life as she once knew it. The accident affected her work and social life more than she'd expected. During this time she realized she would have to find a new way to live her life because her old life was gone. Coming to this realization made her naturally feel defeated at first. After spending an ample amount of time home, she began to become more creative then she'd ever been. She started doing things like painting, writing music and making candles as tactics to soothe her anxiety, ease her mind and keep herself from being depressed by all of the changes that had occurred. Once she began making candles she fell in love. She no longer felt like she was missing work or being outside socializing. She just kept creating from there. From candles to lotions, from lotions to soaps, etc. She found peace in creativity. From there she was able to rehab herself mentally in order to start her life over. She knew her mind would need to be in a certain space in order to heal and grow from the experience and decided her fragrances would be inspired by and reflect that. Each fragrance was created with a feeling or emotion in mind that she wanted to be transferred through the product. Once she mastered that, it became her rebirth. She was now ReBourne, fearless and feeling the world was her oyster. Her life had a new purpose totally different than she'd ever imagined. The company name is inspired by her great grandmother Bourne as a homage to her grandmother whom raised her and her determination to share her story about how she started over again. The mission to help any person in the need of a mental transformation, whether it be from an accident or a bad day at work is what ReBourne stands by. With our collection you have the option to transform your space at any time.                                                                                                                                                                               "Everyday that you wake up, is your rebirth. You can try again and be ReBourne."  -Erin C. ( CEO & Founder)