CINNAMON + VANILLA Scented Candle "CLARITY" - Rebourne Body + Home
CINNAMON + VANILLA Scented Candle "CLARITY" - Rebourne Body + Home


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"the clarity i need to organize my day is usually gained after my morning latte with a splash of CINNAMON+VANILLA."

Introducing CLARITY, one of the first enchanting scents from our candle collection. In a world where everything is in constant motion, we all yearn for moments of serenity and CLARITY. Our CLARITY candle is designed to whisk you away to a place of warmth, sweetness, and homestyle comfort, much like your grandmother's cherished baking.

This candle boasts a delightful blend of vanilla, sweet almond, cinnamon, ginger, and subtle hints of cherry, creating an ambiance of relaxation and coziness that's bound to capture your heart. Crafted with the sole purpose of enveloping you in tranquility and comfort, this candle is perfect for unwinding and finding your own personal CLARITY.

Experience the ultimate in aromatic luxury with ReBourne 1952 premium soy wax candles. Crafted with care, our candles are designed for optimal fragrance diffusion and extended burn time, ensuring a captivating experience for your senses. These candles are thoughtfully crafted with the highest quality botanical, essential, and fragrance oils available.

  1. Soy Wax Brilliance: Our candles are meticulously made using premium soy wax, renowned for its natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly properties.
  2. Clean and Long Burn: Enjoy a longer-lasting, even burn, with no petro-carbon soot to darken your walls.
  3. Eco-Conscious Choice: Soy wax is naturally biodegradable and supports sustainable agriculture, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
  4. Aromatherapeutic Ambiance: The amber and coconut scent transforms any space into an oasis of relaxation and enchantment.
  5. Burn Time: Each candle offers an approximate burn time of 45-50 hours, allowing you to enjoy the soothing scent for longer.

Why Choose Soy Wax Candles? Soy wax is the natural, sustainable, and eco-conscious choice for candle lovers. It's non-toxic, releasing no harmful carcinogens into the air, making it safe for you and the environment. Plus, it burns longer and more evenly than traditional paraffin candles. Say goodbye to petro-carbon soot that can stain your walls, as soy wax is naturally biodegradable and supports American farmers. Cleaning up is a breeze with easy soap and water.

Get the best of luxury and eco-friendliness with ReBourne 1952 soy wax candles. Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders over $65 and let the warm glow and enchanting scent transform your space. Illuminate your world naturally, and order your favorite scent today.

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CINNAMON + VANILLA Scented Candle "CLARITY" - Rebourne Body + Home
CINNAMON + VANILLA Scented Candle "CLARITY" - Rebourne Body + Home