Aglit Italy & ReBourne have teamed up to bring you a day of dopeness. ReBourne will be hosting their very first pop up shop at Aglit Italy's exclusive SoHo location. Aglit Italy is known for their unique shoe laces that are made of leather and reptile skins. If you're in the area feel free to pop in and experience our wonderful collection. We will be serving mimosa's and cupcakes. The doors will be open to the public, so all are welcome to sip, shop and catch the vibe. See you there!!!

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  • I came across ReBourne at a function, samples of “humble savage” were distributed. I must admit the presentation & name were appealing. (I assumed it couldn’t be that good since they were giving so many out free of charge). I must confess "humble savage " was roughly appetizing. I went online to order the same and saw others. I ordered one of each. I like “courage”, hubby prefers “Just Dope”…but when in doubt “Bliss” it out!!! That’s my FAVORITE!!

    Rebourne supporter!!

    • A.G